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Gas and electric fires, fireplaces and solid fuel stoves designed, supplied and installed.

Electric Fires for Media Walls


Photo of Avanti 110RW

Avanti 110RW

Photo of Avanti 150RW

Avanti 150RW

Photo of Avanti 190RW

Avanti 190RW

Photo of eStudio 105R

eStudio 105R

Photo of eStudio 135R

eStudio 135R

Photo of eStudio Arosa and Cerreto 140 Suites

eStudio Arosa and Cerreto 140 Suites

Photo of eReflex 135R

eReflex 135R

Photo of eReflex 150RW

eReflex 150RW

Photo of Radiance Inset Electric Fires

Radiance Inset Electric Fires

Photo of Solus VS100

Solus VS100

Photo of Solus VS130

Solus VS130

Photo of Solus VS150

Solus VS150

Photo of Solus VS180

Solus VS180

Photo of Solus VS220

Solus VS220